Take the time to do it right

Pacific Coast Glazing places safety as a top priority in its everyday operations. Our culture of safety is anchored in integrity. We place great emphasis on training each employee on how to identify inherent risks and potential hazards, along with the knowledge and resources needed to mitigate them, creating a safe work environment. Our goal is to ensure every employee goes home safe every day.
Pacific Coast Glazing Safety Scale

PTP Steps

  • Prepare PTP with crew at task location
  • Identify and describe TASK PROCEDURES
  • Identify and describe TASK HAZARDS
  • Identify and describe TASK CONTROLS
  • Complete all portions of PTP that apply
  • Review PTP with crew to ensure comprehension of PTP
  • Print names legibly prior to task
  • Re-evaluate PTP throughout the day to ensure effectiveness and change it as necessary

Indentify & Mitigate Potential Hazards

  • Has someone walked the path and work area to ensure for proper lighting, housekeeping, and potential slip/trip issues?
  • Has the work we are about to perform been coordinated with the general contractor and other trades in the area?
  • Was everyone included while writing the PTP?
  • Does everyone understand their role in the PTP?
  • Have we used the Hierarchy of Safety to mitigate/eliminate hazards?
  • Do we know that safety is everyone’s responsibility?
  • Is our Pre-Task plan effective?
  • Does everyone know to report new hazards so the PTP can be revised and stay effective?